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Light In The Shade Book Launch

The Jazz Archive Room was particularly apt for the launching of my book as my husband, Alan, is an amateur jazz pianist and my younger son, Mike, a professional guitarist, with a particular interest in jazz. Our house was full of music when the boys lived at home – my elder son, Steve, being an extremely competent drummer for years before, sadly, he gave it up. My job then was to make the sandwiches!

Now it’s my turn, and as I rose to give my first talk to an audience with copies of my first published book displayed prominently, I was nervous, but they were very kind and appeared to enjoy the afternoon, especially the extracts from some of the stories I read.  (See ‘Excerpts’ link).

My stories are drawn from incidents in real life which trigger my imagination. I wonder how the people felt in those particular circumstances and endeavour to portray characters dealing with difficult situations. They are not ‘sweet little old lady’ stories; in fact some are gritty or even sombre, but with the variety the book contains, I am sure that everyone will find something to their taste, even to their amusement.

With the title, Light in the Shade, I have tried to convey this variety of stories, which cover a wide range of human experience, including dark tales of guilt, revenge and jealousy. Others provide a lighter insight into human nature, but the unifying feature is a celebration of the basic instinct of us all to overcome obstacles and survive.

Short stories have always appealed to me – they create a dramatic arena in which to explore the change and development in characters as they make choices and react to events and are easy reading in these busy times when often a blockbuster is too lengthy to tackle.

Kay Green, the editor of Circaidy Gregory Press, says: ‘I think this is an extremely unusual and interesting collection. Pam has a wonderfully down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach to her subject matter. For me, what makes her work really stand out is the way she brings this refreshing attitude to such a wide range of material, emphasising the human constancy that runs through the domestic, the bizarre and the fantastic.

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